Saturday, December 28, 2013


My second best time for thinking is near the end of each day when I mull over the happenstances of the day and reflect on their meaning and/or lessons.

Earlier, I listened to a new year's Lawrence Welk broadcast from back in 1971 on PBS. That was a long time ago. I wasn't yet 40 and was still embroiled in the cult. My youngest daughter would come along the next year and my compatriots thought we were crazy to have a baby then as everyone still thought we would soon have to flee as the "tribulation" began in preparation for "the end" in 1975. We shared that nonsensical bit of prophetic garbage with the JWs.

I'd already concluded that nothing remotely like that could happen. I still held to the conviction that we were "god's chosen," but we'd gotten something wrong. Coming to my senses totally took a long, long time.

Here we are, over forty years later and there still is no resurrected roman empire "beast," no false prophet condemning the true followers of Jesus to torture and death. There are still deluded "experts" trying to make sense out of that enigmatic Book of Revelation that is the ravings of some lunatic in need of some powerful modern meds.

A lot has happened in the forty-plus intervening years. Nearly all the elderly people in that audience are long gone from the world scene. Those entertainers are somewhwere near my age now and many are gone.

Meanwhile, the pompous put down, "Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation" from II Pet. 3:4 keeps getting sneeringly thrown in the faces of those who notice that is an accurate description of what are the actual facts.

Yeah, where is that carrot all those blowhards keep dangling in front of their unquestioning dupes as they plod along like dutiful dumb beasts of burden carrying those opulently taken care of "god's messengers."

If you doubt and demand proof, you're smart. Damn right! I'm a scoffer!

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