Friday, December 27, 2013


Our guests are back home safely and we're back to a semblance of normal around here. Six dogs are a bit much, even though they're all lovable. Not a one of them has the same kind of personality, even though four of them are closely related poms. The mini pinscher is in a class all by himself and is fascinating.

I just love observing the variety in nature and ruminating about it. I could have been very happy as a scientific researcher of some sort. It would have kept my analytically-based mind very energized. Can't help but muse about what could have been under different circumstances.

Just heard through my sister of the demise of someone else I knew from the old cult. He died at age 84 from complications of melanoma which he battled for years. Like me, he rejected the old cult and religion itself, but his brother under whom I worked for many years fancies himself a representative of the god we both rejected and is the driving force behind another splinter group.

The diversity of personality, etc. applies to all species. It's fascinating when you just back off and observe as best you can. One of these days, people will be reflecting on how different (odd?) and unique I was. Out of the billions of homo sapiens that have lived on this planet, no two of us are carbon copies of anyone else. I see bits of my dad and my mother, as well as other relatives in myself, but I'm still just me. If you have illusions of changing me through any effort of yours, fugeddaboutit!

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