Saturday, January 4, 2014


I was doing some cleanup, and as usual, when my body is busy with habitual routine, my mind takes off.

I started reflecting how similar my experience with Herbert W. Armstrong and his infamous Worldwide Church of God (his way of saying "catholic") and the USA post about 1980 is.

In both cases, intellectual midgets with a gift for salesmanship, imagination-grabbing cliches and mass trumpeted certitudes gained control, first, of a theological abortion and later, a whole nation. What transpired theologically is now hell bent for leather nationally. Unless it's checked, the same kind of disastrous trainwreck is inevitable.

Just like the elitists and sociopaths gravitated to Worldwide for the power and control they yearned to have, the same kind of warped and hypocritical people gravitated to politics and through lies, half-truths and prejudice-inspiring cliches, they have warped the United States of America totally out of any semblance of the great and respected nation it once was.

I can only hope that the destuctive, self-seeking grabs for power that doomed that original religious organization to in-fighting and fragmentation will set in the GOP and that malignant tea party.

Sociopaths usually end up savaging each other.

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