Saturday, January 18, 2014


People of faith, believers -- whatever appelation you want to bestow on them -- are such a big pain in the ass!

I know, to my shame, I used to be one of the worst of them. In my defense, I was shanghaied by culture, accident of birth and the blatherings of one of the most egregious criminal con artists of the twentieth century. I was a stupid dupe!

In my defense, I did cast it off. I rose above it and did the hard work of proving it was all a tremendous, smelly crock of s++t. As an aside, I just listened to Lawrence Welk on PBS and had to mute the TV to not listen to his effeminant-sounding eminence (can't remember his name right now) sing "The Old Rugged Cross." Such a stupid song glorifying fictional human sacrifice! I can't stand it even though it was my deceived mother's favorite hymn.

Ghastly message!

Ghastly doctrine!

I mean, don't we condemn people like the Aztecs because they sacrificed human beings while we worship a god we believe did that very thing? To save us? The Aztecs had the same kind of motivation -- killing someone to obtain favor from their gods!

A couple of troll lurkers recently invaded the Unbeliever website ( to heckle and harass those of us who have progressed beyond the juvenile bumblings and mumblings of belief. I guess they fancy themselves some kind of theological experts. Mark Manning and I tried to cut through the inane nonsense and present the true picture.

What a fiasco that turned out to be. I pointed out the obvious idiocies of the Bible, like the seven day creation, the ridiculousness of a worldwide flood, that the Israelites were never enslaved in Egypt and there was no exodus. Plus a few other things. Put it on Facebook also.

What Mark and I got in return was the usual juvenile playground "nyanyah, nyanyah, nyanyah, nyanyah" approach. They demand we publish whole books of historical and archaelogical proofs of our statements while they take the usual bucktoothed ignorant backwoods approach that the bible says it and that's good enough for me.

We know by demonstrable scientific fact that the universe is nearly fourteen billion years old, that the earth has been around for somewhere in the neighborhood of four billion of those years, that modern man developed slowly for the last few hundred thousand years and Adam and Eve are fictional constructs with no basis in reality.

Archaeologists have scoured the Sinai looking for the evidence of all those millions of "Israelites" camping there for about forty years and they've found absolutely nothing! Plus, we have the historical proof that when they supposedly invaded Canaan, Canaan was a well defended part of the Egyptian Empire sporting several powerful Egyptian garrisons. Funny how no battles with those Egyptian troops are to be found anywhere in the concocted book of Joshua.

And that Noah's Ark crap! Even a modern naval task force would have had to make port long before a year went by just to get provisions, and I certainly don't see any account of supply ships being sent out from any part of that supposedly submerged planet! I have to conclude that I was partially retarded to ever believe that nonsense!

Don't anyone tell me I have to produce encyclopdias-worth of proof in a blog comment to back up my objections to your juvenile protestations. The proof is out there in literally dozens of internet sources and books. I've taken time to look into those things and they haven't.

The burden of proof for extraordinary claims lies with the claimer. I'm not going to waste anymore time on naysayers who want to invade one of my favorite websites with their imbecilic nonsense.

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