Friday, January 10, 2014


There are quite a few things on this earth that I thoroughly despise.

Religion (all religion) is one I've come to detest. The republican party, all it is and all it stands for, is another. I consider anyone who looks at the facts and defends the republican party an abject idiot. Anyone who clings to creationism and the mythology of the Bible or the Quran, etc. is also an idiot. I know, I fell for such lies and bullshit for awhile too (and, I was an idiot).

I woke up, however. I looked the facts squarely in the face and made a 180 degree about face. It wasn't easy. Admitting you've been a stupid ass is never pleasant, but it's the only way to quit being a stupid ass!

I try to learn something new and understand better every day I live. I have a coffee cup I use every day with a quote from Eleanore Roosevelt: "Do something every day that scares you." It takes guts to face life with that attitude and motivation. I don't have the opportunity to put it into action every day, but it's an ideal attitude I champion and try to live by.

There are endless things I despise because they outrage my sense of justice, truth and fairness. I try to emphasize those positive things as much as possible. Denouncing the negative just happens to be an unpleasant necessity to doing that.

The last thing I consider when I sit down to write stuff like this is whether someone will like it or not. I frankly don't care. This is where I'm coming from, and you can jolly well be certain I'm gonna keep on comin'!

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