Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Remember those bumper stickers that say people would have had grand children first if they'd known how much fun they were? Well, I feel about the same way about retirement.

Forgetting all the downsides of age and it's debilities, my life now is a lark compared to twenty or thirty years ago. Got up at 9:30 am and all I've done is make coffee for both of us and sit here at the computer. I can sound off online and not worry about a boss or, in my case, customer seeing it and getting mad enough to fire me. Anybody who gets mad can have the old one finger salute (you guess which finger)!

There are all kinds of things needing doing around here, and maybe I'll get to one or two. Then again, maybe not. Just depends on what "spirit" moves me.

I know those rethugs really hate what I'm writing. How dare I be one of those awful "takers." If I'm not like them, gambling with other people's money on stock options, etc. and making tons of money off wiping out companies and absconding with the pirated wealth, including workers pension funds and the underpaid labor of millions of serfs so I can vacation anywhere I like at any time, eat caviar and drink champagne to my bloated hearts content, etc., I should just crawl off somewhere and have the decency to die. How dare I think that since I worked my ass off all those years, I deserve a little leisure paid for by the money our taxes set aside for that very purpose, and which those same assholes appropriated to pay for things like their ill-conceived wars of power and aggression.

Now, I gotta go make myself a little breakfast for my "entitled" old ass to survive a few more days, weeks or years. If I were one of those wonderful "job creators" an underpaid household servant would have already done that for me.

That's my sarcasm for the morning!

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