Monday, January 13, 2014


Just gotta say more about fear. It's such an insidious thing and the media plays us like violins with sensationalism meant to engender fear so we'll keep on listening and being paranoid.

I'm referring to this fear about vacinations as my prime example. Yeah, once in a blue moon someone will have an alergic reaction, or more likely, they'll come down with some ornery virus right after they get a flu shot and conclude it was the shot that made them sick. It would never occur to them to have their conclusion medically evaluated. They have to be right because they're oh so wise -- not one of those "egicated fools" they feel they are so superior to because they aint dumb enough to believe that evulushon shit, etc.

It's the same mindset that kept me enslaved to armstrongism for over twenty long years. He constantly called us dumb sheep but assured us we were the elect of god because we were smart enough to believe the crap he poured in our heads constantly. Go figure how dumb we were to keep letting him get away with it for so long -- absolutely convinced we'd "proved it" because we were such good bible readers and proof texters who would have been laughed out of any competent theological seminary.

We not only get our flu shots every year, but about four years ago, we both spent $40 to get shingles shots. My mother suffered through that malady and neither of us want anything to do with it. Nothing to it. My arm itched for a few days from the workings of the sublimated virus, but that was what built up the new immunity. Oh, and we've had pneumonia immunization too. I know I'm going to check out sometime in the future, but hopefully not from pneumonia.

So, be paranoid if you must, but do everyone a favor and quit spreading this unscientific bullshit that gets people tied up in fearful knots to their own danger and peril. Before you blast me with your nonsense, I want to see the detailed conclusions of your carefully controlled, peer reviewed scientific studies.

Anecdotes don't cut it!

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