Saturday, January 11, 2014


I got a very heartening surprise this afternoon. My blood pressure medications were ready at CVS, so I stopped on my way back from Sedona to pick them up, debit card in hand. This was my first time picking up medications under our new insurance and I was astounded when the clerk informed me that there was no co-pay. THEY WERE FREE TO ME! That's because they are generic and this insurance covers them totally under their medicare plus.

Under the vaunted United Health care coverage we had last year, they would have cost me $3 each. Plus, they would now be charging both of us $28 each month for the privilege of being ripped off by them and we'd be paying $10 every time we visit the doctor instead of $5. I suspect the CEO of United wants another lavish vacation home or something akin. I think I'll draft a letter to AARP and tell them where they can shove their vaunted plan.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a staunch AARP member and take advantage of those discounts whenever I can, but they really need to look into this matter. We're blessed with having an insurance representative in Camp Verde who looks out for our interests. I called and left a message to thank him for getting us into this new plan.

Just had to share my joy.

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