Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Fill people's heads with cliches and appeal to their prejudices and hatreds and you have them by the balls and can squeeze as often and as hard as it pleases your malevolence. It sure helps to expand out of all reason the real threat of any opposing group. That worked with the soviet union and it's working now with the muslim threat. Shades of Orwell's 1984!

Nobody worried about an exponentialy growing national debt while the rethugs were in power and feeding themselves and their cohorts billions in manufactured money. Just let the opposition win a few elections and, WOW! All of a sudden, we're on the edge of apocalypse. The twin towers horror is pushed into the background and a little blip like Benghazi gets blown all out of proprotion as one of the nation's greatest disasters.

What gets me is, people eat it up and regurgitate the putrid crap.

I guess that's enough said this morning. I have useful things to do and this isn't all that good for my blood pressure, except that getting it said helps a bit.

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