Monday, January 13, 2014


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I just posted a comment on the Non Believer site and I have to post it here:

"Maybe I’m being foolish to kick this “hornet’s nest,” but I just have to counter the idea that we who are now atheists suddenly had some “hissy fit” and just threw away faith overnight. Nothing could be farther from the truth in my case.

It’s been a long slow process of study and reflection that, in my case, led me through things like divine science, new age, reincarnation and other eastern philosophies, agnosticism and finally full blown atheism. I had to realize and accept a great number of things in that almost forty-year journey.

First of all, I had to come to realize that the Bible itself is a fictional concoction of myth, fable and outright superstitious and baseless lies.

There was never a seven-day creation or worldwide flood. No israelites were enslaved in Egypt and the exodus never happened. Most of the Bible history found in Kings and Chronicles was manufactured out of whole cloth after the Babylonian captivity by some very chauvinistic and inventive scribes and priests with an agenda. In short, the entire Old Testament is very junior grade historical fiction.

The New Testament is no better. It was contrived at the behest of Roman emperors who were sick and tired of all the conflicting claims of innumerable savior cults and by force of military power made them come up with an almalgamated concoction they could impose on the empire through edict. It slams all the miraculous nonsense from Horus to Mithra and dozens of others into one concise and often contradictory tale and the hodgepodge of a bunch of guys to whom the name “Paul” was appended. And, Revelation, that bad dream abortion by some zealot really got things all screwed up and is the source of endless theological nonsense.

I believe today in whatever the “singularity” that gave rise to the universe or multiverses was. If it can’t be established through carefully regulated study and investigation, I’m going to take it with a very large grain of salt. No bronze age camel jockey with mental problems is going to be my source of truth."

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