Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The internal combusion engine, jet turbines and all the manufacturing have provided us humans with an endless array of products and services we'd now be lost without. While we were comparably few in number, a measly 2 or 3 billion, and the majority of those were too backward and poor to even consider getting around that way, we got away with belching all those greenhouse gases into the atmosphere with comparatively light results.

That's not true anymore. All those millions of chinese, indians, etc. have gotten into the act, and our atmsphere is no longer changing at a crawl. It's now a sprint! A mad dash!

That's great for the billionaires who grow fatter and more entitled every day, but soon even they are going to start feeling the effects. They are just as dependent on the world's eco system as the rest of us are. They just don't see it yet and don't want to believe it because of everything they have riding on the status quo.

I honestly can't see this all ending well. It terrifies me! I just can't shrug it off because I'll soon be out of here forever.

Hydogen and solar, dammit! If we insist on using up all the fossil fuels before we do the sensible thing, it will be too late! You can't belch millions of years of stored carbon into the atmosphere in a few score years and get away with it!

What's so hard about that to understand?

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