Friday, January 24, 2014


I happened on this statement by Bill Maher:

"It's impossible to worship superstition on Sunday or Saturday and just be a normal person every other day of the week."

It's so true of me while I was caught up in Armstrongism that it made me wince. I worshipped superstition with a fervor born of ignorance and the desperation to be among god's chosen elect that it defies all logic or reason. It's really one of the main things that's wrong with this nation and why we no longer are leading the world in any meaningful non-military and hegemonic way, especially where science, technology and social progress is concerned.

You can't bow down to a sociopathic cosmic dictator who has the right to dictate everything you think and do (or else) weekly, let it dictate the rest of the week everything you think and champion and function well in a secular democratic society. Something has to give.

What gives is individual rights to self-determination in thought and deed and societal equality. Religion is dictatorial and elite centered in every aspect of its reality. Herbert Armstrong made that very clear when he loudly maintained that democracy wasn't god's form of government.

The Pope would say the same thing and I know of no religious organization that doesn't countenance and seek for the absolute dictatorial dominance of their interpretation of "god's word." If you are going to champion what the Bible teaches, no other conclusion can be acceptable. Some are just more open and extreme about it than are others.

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