Saturday, January 25, 2014


(From Faceboodk.)

I've been on a sharing roll this morning. So many good things appear on Facebook that it's often hard to choose which ones to share and how many to just like and move on.

I was touched by the dog hugging its benefactor in a state of relieved bliss. How often I've felt the same way when someone showed they really cared. All children know how much that means when you're so vulnerable and scared.

It's quiet here in the house. Phylllis is still sleeping. Soon, I'll take her coffee and inquire as to how she is feeling as that infection slowly leaves her body. I like being her protector and comforter. It's another purpose for my life.

We all, regardless of our genus or sex, need each other. Our society has lost much of that inate compassion during the last three decades or so. It's been supplanted by a hard boiled "fuck you" attitude that, sad to say, had much of its genesis in religion. It still puzzles me how something so supposedly benign and caring can be the source of so much hate and unconcern. I lived it for twenty years tied up in that cult and I see it on the news every day.

All I can do is keep on doing whatever I can in my little corner of the world and hang onto that stubborn optimism in the core of my being.

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