Thursday, January 30, 2014


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There were two sales in the Village of Oak Creek and West Sedona this morning, but Phyllis wasn't up to getting up early to go and I didn't want to go alone. So, we're having a practically saleless January. Bummer!

I just sat down with the free paper that's delivered overnight on Wednesdays and found a good article about not pre-judging dogs on the basis of breed biases which pointed out how much the author's husband came to love a poodle-bichon rescue dog when he originally wanted nothing to do with poodles. A special bond developed between them.

I'm reminded of my reaction when I realized my stepson was offering a free dog as a mother's day gift to my wife. I was in the background, mouthing "No." Trouble is now an especially loved part of my life. I had misgivings about the other two when they were added to the mix. Now, I couldn't bear to let any of them go.

I'm thankful dogs came into my aged life. They've been good for me. I feel I've grown in love and understanding because of them. I wanted children in my life and am thankful for each of the four I was blessed with and appreciate the step children and grandchildren I've had.

Dogs are almost like another chance at parenting. They can try your patience at times, but love always carries the day when all is said and done. I know that special loving feeling that floods through me when I see their happy faces is good for me.

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